Honoring the Sprirt

Clothing and Accessories made to Honor the Native Style

Ira Hayes Veterans Social Pow-Wow
February 23rd & 24th 2018!

Ribbon Dresses!
Child's Size 8 Blue Marble
Child's Size 8 Blue Marble with Leggings - $55

Specialty Line!
Adult Turquoise Brocade Adult Blue Washable Satin Adult Vietnam Veteran
Turquoise Brocade
Adult Size Large - $70
Cobalt Blue Washable Satin
Adult Size XL - $75
Vietnam Veteran Shirt

Toddler's Line in sizes ˝T to 4T!!
Toddler 2T Black & WHite with Dragonflies Toddler 2T Green w/ Ladybugs Toddler 3T Tan w/ Black Kokopellis
Toddler Size 2T
Black and White Dragonflies - $8
Toddler Size 2T
Green w/ Ladybugs &
Mountain Ribbon Pattern - $8
Toddler Size 3T
Tan with Black Kokopellis - $8


We would be honored to be a vendor at your Arizona pow-wow, flute gathering or Native American event.
If you have seen our work and think that we would be a good addition to your vendor line-up,
please contact Kathy by phone at either 602-374-3011 or 614-425-8062.
If you prefer, you can

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Catching the Dream
Arizona Phone Number: 602-374-3011
Ohio Phone Number: 614-425-8062

Please E-mail or call if there is
Anything we can do for you.

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