Honoring the Sprirt

Clothing and Accessories made to Honor the Native Style

Native American Style Ribbon Shirts
Customer Measurements

Measurements are important for that “just right” fit.

For  our Ribbon Shirts the ones that are most important are:

Neck: __________

Chest:/Bust: ______________ 

Top of Shoulder (from Neck to actual shoulder): ________________

Waist: ____________________ 

Hips: ______________________

Neck To  Bottom of Hip: ______________ 

Arm Length:  Right Arm—___________________

                             Left Arm—___________________ 

And for the Cherokee Style Ribbon Shirt:

Wrist : Right Wrist—___________________

               Left Wrist—___________________ 

With these measurements, we can determine what the right size will be and make adjustments.

The shirt bottom should be at your hip, but it can be shorter if you want.

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These products are not Indian made or Indian products under 25 U.S.C. § 305 et. seq.


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